Season 2018


Early-Bird Discount:

As of November 25th 2017, you can book tickets for single events or the annual pass for the season 2018. As special „goody“ we’ll give you a discount of 5% off the total price. Requirement: the balance due has to be paid until the end of February 2018. 

For Junior-Drivers und Biker-Girls:

There will be a discount for Junior-Drivers and Biker-Girls of up to 30% for all tickets.

So: don’t wait too long and book NOW, take the chance of an early-bird discount – and be there!

Here are the Annual-Ticket’s discounts in detail

  Regular price Saving
Annual ticket – all Events € 2.620,00 € 2.358,00
Saving: € 262,00
Jahreskarte Event 1 – 5 € 2.230,00 € 2.007,00
Saving: € 223,00
Jahreskarte Event 2 – 6 € 2.230,00 € 2.007,00
Saving: € 223,00
Jahreskarte Lady / Junior all € 2.620,00 € 1.834,00
Saving: € 786,00
Jahreskarte Lady / Junior 1 – 5 € 2.230,00 € 1.561,00
Saving: € 669,00
Jahreskarte Lady / Junior 2 – 6 € 2.230,00 € 1.561,00
Saving: € 669,00




WSB-SPORT – Where friends are family

At first glance we are only one of many race organizers. But our story already started in 1993 with the association Pezibaer Racing. Until 2015 we organized unforgetable, familiar events on different and genious racetracks all over Europe. The SUZUKI GSX-R- and the MOTUL-Challenge are our established race series since over 10 years where you can fight amicably for you positions in the races and championships. So we are proud to be Austrian’s most experienced race training organizer.
After a little break from the race events in 2016 we are going to start with new collected power into the future. Of course we continue with all good and well-tried things like the race series SUZUKI GSX-R- and MOTUL-Challenge as well as the familar and helpful manner. But it’s also time for improvement. That’s why we are going to enlarge our race series for women and junior riders. We are glad to host the speedladies- and JUNIOR 300 CUP in 2017.

We are looking forward to meeting you again soon!
For more information about our separate race series please click on it.


Is petrol flowing through your veins?

From an amateur– to a professional-racer – here’s something for everyone.
You never drove on a real racetrack? No problem, we are helping you to get in touch with the sport – and introduce it step by step.
You don’t have the right equipment? Then this is the right place – we’d be glad to give you some advice and to organise everything you need.


Stark adrenaline – as a gift

Your partner is a passionate motorbike-driver? If that’s the case, there is no better gift as a race-weekend on the racetrack! Unforgettable moments within a group of kindred spirits – can there be anything more superior?

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