Terms and conditions


1. Organizor

Seegasse 8
A-3250 Wieselburg
Commercial Register 462665S (Regional Court St. Pölten)

VAT: ATU71650616
Executive Director: Edgar Wagner
Tel: +43 (0) 664 / 22 12 062


2. Scope of application

These terms and conditions apply to all registrations received by us and all participants of our events.


3. Conclusion of contract

All registrations to our events may be made via www.wsb-sport.com. Registering, the participant accepts our terms and conditions and the contract is concluded by sending our registration confirmation. We are entitled to refuse applications even without giving reasons. The rights of the contract can not be transferred to third parties without the organizer´s consent.


4. Participation fee

The participation fee has to be paid by the participant in advance. Half the participation fee has to be paid to the organizer´s bank account within 3 days after receipt of the registration confirmation. The final payment is due to the organizer’s bank account no later than 14 days before the event. Any delay of the participation fee´s payment results in the contract´s termination. Already received payments will be forfeited by the organizer. In case of the event´s nonattendance or participant´s exclusion, there is no claim for a refund of the participation fee.


5. Participants

All participants have to be physically as well as mentally capable of moving a motorcycle under competitive conditions. The participant himself calculates his own suitability and accepts his responsibility for it. Minor´s participation is possible with written consent of the legal representatives only. Juveniles before the age of 16 have to provide sports physician´s evidence to possess as well the mental and physical abilities of steering a motorcycle under racing conditions.

For all participants, an absolute ban on alcohol and drugs (0.0 blood alcohol limit) does apply during the operation oft he racetrack. The organizer is entitled to carry out alcohol and drug controls anytime. All safety instructions, of the organizer and the safety personnel as well, are strictly to be followed. Attending the driver’s briefing is obligatory for each and every participant. The motorcycle´s transfer to third parties without a valid registration is forbidden.


6. Insurance

Each participant has to have a valid health insurance with foreign coverage at his disposal. The conclusion of a personal accident insurance, including the risk of participation in racing events, is recommended, as well as the conclusion of a liability insurance with appropriate cover.


7. Equipment, motorcycle

Only participants with perfect equipment and a technically perfect, safe motorcycle are eligible. Helmets with e-signs, gloves and standard leather clothing with protective boots and boots are compulsory. Implementing the motorcycle on the racetrack requires the following:

  • coolant has to be replaced by distilled water,
  • oil drain screws and oil filters must be tightened, dense and secure,
  • brake caliper screws must be secured with screw locking device,
  • engine vents must be originally or professionally placed in a box,
  • headlights, mirrors, direction indicators and lighting must be covered opaque.
  • start numbers have to be provided at the vehicle´s front.

In case of rain or wet road, wet or profile tires must be used. Each participant is obligated to thoroughly check his / her motorcycle before starting the race, particularly to adjust the tires´ pressure to racing mode, to control brakes and coating and to check whether the vehicle is tight, all the screws are secured and splints are installed.


8. Liability

The participant takes note that he / she takes part in the event at his own risk. In doing so, he is aware of all the risks and dangers of motor sport and the organizer´s event. The participant is responsible for the risk and the consequences of an injury as well as the risk of his equipment´s and mtorcycle´s damage and waives the assertion of damage claims of any kind against the organizer or his co-organizers.

The participant is liable for all damage to property and personal injury which he / she for whatever reason causes to other participants, the organizer or other persons during the event. The organizer on the other hand is liable for damages caused – intentionally or through gross negligence – by himself or his assistants. The organizer is not liable for slight negligence.


9. Declaration of consent (minor participants)

Underage participants´ legal representatives confirm by acknowledging these terms and conditions to be aware of the risks and dangers of motor sport and the organizer´s event and to take full responsibility for their son or daughter and their actions. They thus release both the organizer and the co-organizers from any liability – except for intentional or grossly negligent behavior.


10. Exclusion

The organizer is entitled to exclude participants from the event, namely

  • in case of noncompliance of the code of conduct,
  • in case of the participant´s violation against provisions of these terms and conditions
  • in case of ignoring flagging signals,
  • in case of unathletic behavior,
  • in case of noncompliance of the organizer´s and the safety personnel´s instructions
  • in case of neglecting the timetable,
  • in case of noncompliance of the night rest (from 11 pm),
  • in case of non-participation in the driver’s briefing,

Exclusion obliges the participant to immediately leave the event area. There is no claim to the participation fee´s reimbursement or to any other expenses the participant made for his participation.


11. Image, sound and film recordings

The organizer possesses the exclusive right to do recordings of any kind of the participants (picture, sound or film recordings) in the entire event area and to publish them for advertising purposes in print media, via social media or the Internet.

The participant expressly acknowledges the organizer´s copyrights and declares to accept the publication of recordings.

If the participant or his attendants do recordings themselves, the organizer reserves his right to prohibit thir publication.


12. Behavior on the racetrack

The rules of conduct, demonstrated by the organizer in the driver’s briefing, have to be followed by all participants without exception. By the way:

If someone wants to leave the racetrack or there are problems occuring during the race, a clear signal is to be put and the hand is to be lifted in time. In case of problems, the vehicle must be parked outside the danger zone (crash zone); it will be brought back into the paddock by the crew (even after a crash). In case of a crash, the racetrack should – if possible – be left immediately and the safety personnel´s instructions should be followed. Stoppage and staying at the racetrack is strictly forbidden.


13. Flag signals

Red flag
Red flag

Race or turn break-off – Slow down immediatly and return to the pits.

Yellow flag
Yellow flag

Danger on the track – overtaking ban – slow down the speed – and assess the danger point.

Green flag
Green flag

Clearance of the yellow phase – The danger zone is over – it can be continued normally.

Blue flag
Blue flag

It approaches a faster vehicle from the rear – let it pass.

Black flag in conjunction with a starting number
Black flag in conjunction with a starting number

Immediate disqualification from the race. The participant must stop the race immediately and not hinder or endanger other drivers. The race management is to be visited.

Yello/Red flag
Yello/Red flag

Oil or other liquid on the track.

White flag
White flag

Slow vehicle on the racetrack (rescue, etc.).

Black/White checkered flag
Black/White checkered flag

End of training, end of race.